Company Corporate Data


Corporate Data

Established 1919
Capital 30 million yen
Director President: Hideharu Enami
Chairman of board of directors: Hideomi Enami
Executive vice president: Tetsuo Nishino
Director and planat manager: Takashi Nishioka
Number of employees 75 (as of November, 2014)
Head Office
Head office/Factory
3-10-10, Techno stage, Izumi-shi, Osaka, 594-1144, Japan
TEL: +81-725-51-0315   FAX: +81-725-51-0303
SMT Division
TEL: +81-725-51-0216   FAX: +81-725-51-0303
Head office/Factory SMT Division
Izumi Factory
3-1-27, Teradacho, Izumi-shi, Osaka, 594-0062, Japan
TEL: +81-725-41-8020   FAX: +81-725-41-8021
Izumi Factory
Shintone Factory
Sintone-kougyoudanchi, 1307, Nakayama, Inashiki-shi, Ibaraki, 300-1415, Japan
TEL: +81-297-87-3543   FAX: +81-297-87-5553
Shintone Factory
Products Information Engines/agricultural machinery parts
Automotive related parts/transmission case
Machining division
Electronics related products
Medical instruments related products
Main Customers KUBOTA Corporation
Sony Corporation
Nipro Corporation
Cemedine co., ltd.
Major printed circuit board manufacturer etc.


1919 Established in Sakai-City, Osaka, Japan
Early Showa era to the time of the World War Ⅱ Manufactured drill machine gun parts and aircraft parts
1947 Started manufacturing high-precision machining parts for cultivators /engines (engine parts)
1964 Started manufacturing jigs / labor saving devices
1977 Shintone factory newly constructed in Ibaraki prefecture
1987 Shintone factory expanded
1989 Started manufacturing and selling various test devices
1995 Started manufacturing and selling inspection equipment for printed substrates and packaging related parts
2001 Headquarters relocated to Izumi Techno Stage (in Izumi-City, Osaka )
2008 Shintone Factory expanded with the growth of our mechanical processing business
2009 Started manufacturing and selling electronic parts related products
2014 Izumi Factory opened ( in Izumi-City, Osaka )

Organization chart

Organization chart