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Edge Coating Agent for Package Substrates

2 agent types to choose

By suppressing microscopic foreign substance generation and by increasing substrate strength, it reduces cracks and breakages.

The supervisors on package substrate fabrication sites are always trying to reduce defective products such as failures due to microscopic foreign substances generated from the substrate edges and cracks and breakages due to substrate handling. We recommend you to introduce our Edge Coating System for substrates. This system automatically applies our Package Substrate Edge Coating Agent on the 4 sides-edges of the substrate. Even after etching process, copperplate remains on the coating part, increasing the substrate strength.

Edge coating agent for package substrates
Before coating/After coating


  • Suppresses dusts and glass resin particles generated from the edges.
  • Reduces cracks and breakage caused during handling substrates and the impact during transportation.
  • VOC regulations and RoHS compliances are conformed.
  • The agent becomes solid under dry condition at about 70 ℃ for 1 minute.
  • Water-soluble emulsion resin with safe polyester system, solvent-free

Masking effect is also exerted on gold-plating unnecessary parts.

Edge Coating Agent for Package Substrates

Edge Coating Agents exhibits a good resistance even in nickel-gold plating process. The coating prevents of gold plate adhesion on unnecessary parts and outflow of dusts generated in the interior mounted substrates. In addition, the result of the agent durability test on electroless Ni/Au plating has confirmed that the Edge Coating Agent will not be scaled off in the preparation and plating processes.

Coating width by Automatic Coating Equipment is about 1 - 10 mm. Coating thickness can be adjusted about 20 - 150 μm.

Before plating treatment/After plating treatment

Automatic coating equipment

  • High-speed type automatic coating equipment
    High-speed type automatic coating equipment
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  • Automatic coating equipment
    Automatic coating equipment for substrate edges
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  • Automatic edge coating equipment for glass
    Automatic edge coating equipment for glass