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Our Electronic Equipment Division has developed "Substrate Edge Coating System" which contributes to efficient placement of workers and realization of a drastic cost reduction by achieving full automation of etching process.
An innovative system is created by our engineers, which is attracting attention in domestic and international market. We can offer you the best products to our customers always with innovative ideas and technology.

Edge Coating System

Fully automated system of etching process by Automatic Coating Equipment and Coating Agent contributes to significant cost down.

ENATECH's Edge Coating System, unique in the world, is the combination of Edge Coating Agent, which prevents dust and foreign substances from adhering to the substrate in the manufacturing process, and Automatic Coating Equipment, which can coat uniformly the four sides of the various substrates.
We have 3 types of Edge Coating Agents to suit any substrate and application: Substrate Edge Coating Agent Alpha, Edge Coating Agent for Metal Substrates, and Edge Coating Agent for Package Substrates. We have developed a wide range of product lineup from which you can choose "scale off type"* or "non-scale off type"* in accordance with the properties of your substrate manufacturing process.

*Excluding Substrate Edge Coating Agent Alpha

Edge Coating Agent and Automatic Coating Equipment can be customized to suit your needs and requirements. Please contact us.

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Metal substrates
  • It can prevent corrosion caused by etching solution without masking tapes.
Package substrates
  • Substrate edges can be coated to the frame shape.
  • Copperplate remains on the coated parts even after etching, increasing the substrate strength.
  • Failures such as cracks and damages become reduced.
  • Gold adhesion is prevented on plating unnecessary parts.
Examples of coating glass epoxy substrates
Printed substrate edges are coated with resin, preventing microscopic foreign substances such as a glass dust generated in the manufacturing process.
Edge coating agent

You have options, according to materials and specifications.

Edge coating agents

  • for glass epoxy substrates
  • for metal substrates
  • For package substrates

Automatic coating equipment

  • Automatic coating equipment for substrate edges
  • Automatic coating equipment for high-speed type
  • Automatic edge coating equipment for glass
  • Automatic coating equipment to both sides edges for surface mount assembly line
  • Coating equipment for glass epoxy substrate

We will design and manufacture the equipment according to your substrate size, production line, and tact time, so please feel free to contact us.

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