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Edge coating agents

We have developed the world's first edge coating agent for substrates. You can customize your own agent for metal or glass substrates.

  • Edge coating agent for substrates
    Our coating agent protects printed substrate edges with resin. It prevents microscopic foreign substances such as a glass dust generated during the manufacturing processes, which may lead to product defects.
  • Edge coating agent for metal substrates
    We have two types of coating agent; highly durable and acid/alkali proof agent, and scaling-off-agent with caustic soda while being resistant against etching.
  • Edge coating agent for package substrates   Scaling/Non-scaling
    By suppressing microscopic foreign substances generation and increasing the strength of the substrate, it reduces failure rate caused by cracks and breakage during package substrate manufacturing.

Automatic coating equipment

We have developed coating equipment, which can deal with each intended use of different edge coating agent for substrate. We provide our original equipment to suit every customer's production line.

  • Automatic coating equipment for substrate edges
    It automatically applies liquid agent of any viscosity to any printed substrate edges. Substrates can be of any size; thin or thick, small or big. One equipment completes all the processes from coating to drying.
  • High-speed type automatic coating equipment for substrate edges
    Newly developed high-speed type, which coats the liquid agent to the printed substrate edges in tact time of 20 seconds.
  • Automatic edge coating equipment for glass
    We have developed a system that can apply for the edges made of different kinds of glass such as for smartphones, glass materials, and automotive parts.
  • utomatic coating equipment to both sides edges for surface mount assembly line
    It works automatically through all processes from coating to drying the both sides of substrate edges at the same time in about 15 seconds. It supports the substrate of 750mm in size, and automatically coats printed substrate's edges with agent of any viscosity.
  • Handy type coating equipment for glass epoxy substrate
    Jig to easily coat complex slits or small parts of substrates with edge coating agent. Its nozzle made of metal has excellent durability.