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Substrate Edge Coating Agent (Alpha)

Low cost solution to dust and foreign substances problem on printed substrates!

  • • When printed substrate edges are coated with resin, it prevents microscopic foreign substances such as glass dust generated in the manufacturing process.
  • • Its moisture-proof effect prevents humidity from moisture sensitive substrates.
  • • Its water-soluble emulsion resin free from solvent makes it easy to handle and can be used in a normal environment.
  • • It conforms to VOC regulations and RoHS compliances to ensure safety for human bodies for protecting the health of site workers.
Coating with acrylic emulsion resin

Photos: coated surfaces

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    Before coating
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    After coating
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    Boundary between coated and uncoated parts


We provide Material Safety Data Sheet and various reliability test data for you to use the agent with confidence. It has excellent resistance against insulation, weather and heat and conforms to VOC regulation and RoHS compliances.


A thin application of this Substrate Edge Agent (Alpha) gives a good effect, achieving ultra-low-cost for each substrate.


We provide Automatic Coating Equipment for use in both in-line and off-line.

Reliability test data

Insulation resistance test

After applying the coating agent to a comb-shaped pattern, the insulation resistance is measured during the constant temperature and humidity bias test.

100h 200h 300h 400h 500h
Edges 1 up 4.5E+10 1.4E+10 2.0E+10 1.9E+10 2.0E+10 3.0E+10
1 down 5.6E+10 1.0E+10 1.4E+10 1.6E+10 1.6E+10 3.1E+10
2 up 5.3E+10 1.4E+10 1.6E+10 2.1E+10 5.6E+10 4.2E+10
2 down 4.8E+10 1.3E+10 1.9E+10 1.7E+10 2.9E+10 5.0E+10
Edges 1 up 5.6E+10 4.3E+10
1 down 5.6E+10 4.8E+10
2 up 3.8E+10 5.6E+10
2 down 5.0E+10 5.0E+10
Endurance test

After leaving the sample at 25 ℃ and 50% RH for 500 hours in the constant temperature and humidity chamber, the sample is compared to the one before the test.

T1(℃) 170
T2(℃) 260
t1(sec) 60
t2(sec) 10
K1(℃/sec) 3.0
K2(℃/sec) 1.5
Please contact us for detailed data.

Automatic coating equipment

  • Automatic coating equipment to both sides edges for surface mount assembly line
    Automatic coating equipment to both sides edges for surface mount assembly line
    See the detail
  • Coating equipment for glass epoxy substrate
    Coating equipment for glass epoxy substrate
    See the detail