Business Machining field

Machining field

Machining is the core business field of ENATECH. We have participated in R&D conducted in the leading manufacturers, and are proud of bearing the responsibility for the production of key components, which affect the products' performance.
Our extensive facilities and technical capability can respond to a wide range of customer requests, such as facilitating line configuration modification and constructing a system tailored to the manufacturers' busy season and off-season.

Production of aluminum die-casted and casted products

  • Case (axle)
    Case (axle)
    Key functional part to support small tractor suspension and brake parts.
    Material: ADC12
  • Case (water pump)
    Case (water pump)
    Part that houses the cooling pump of large diesel engines more than 3,000 cc.
    Material: ADC12
  • Flange comp (water)
    Flange comp (water)
    Part that houses thermostat of small diesel engines. Cooling water passes through this comp.
    Material: ADC12
  • Manifold comp (intake)
    Manifold comp (intake)
    Exhaust gas countermeasure/
    Manifold used for intake of large diesel engines of 3,700 cc. It feeds air into the cylinder.
    Material: ADC12
  • Housing dozer
    Housing dozer
    Improved part to be used for exhaust gas measures of small diesel engines. Various sensors and catalysts are housed.
    Material: FCD450
  • Manifold (exhaust)
    Manifold (exhaust)
    Manifold for discharging exhaust gas of medium-sized diesel engines. It is connected to turbocharger and EGR valve.
    Material: FCD450
  • Bracket (EGR, valve)
    Bracket (EGR, valve)
    Very complex shaped part used when recirculating exhaust gas.
    Material: FC250
  • Support (PS)
    Support (PS)
    It is a part of power steering mechanism of large tractors, where switching of high pressured oil takes place.
    Material: FC250
  • Cover (front axle)
    Cover (front axle)
    Part that constitutes front axle mechanism component of large tractors, in which the gear is placed to operate the wheels.
    Material: FC250
  • Flange (muffler)
    Flange (muffler)
    Used for connecting exhaust (manifold) and turbocharger. High durability is required for it becomes very hot.
    Material: FCD500
  • Axle case MC jig (plate piping)
    Axle case MC jig (plate piping)
    Hydraulic path is built in this jig plate, eliminating concerns of oil leakage by pipe aging and giving a smart appearance.
  • Intake manifold MC jig
    Intake manifold MC jig
    Even thin-walled parts finish with a high degree of accuracy thanks to our original know-how.

Production equipments

Major machine equipment

5-axis complex
processing machine
2 sets
Horizontal machining center No. 50 : 2 sets
No. 40 : 2 sets
Vertical machining center No. 50 : 10 sets
No. 40 : 7 sets
Vertical machining center 22 sets
NC lathe 30 sets
Flat surface grinder and other various machine tools
5-axis complex processing machine
5-axis complex processing
NC lathe
NC lathe

Production engineering equipment

Optical jig boring machine (J-6B) 1 set
Vertical jig boring machine 1 set
Vertical milling machine 1 set
Sawing machine (SH360B) 1 set
Normal lathe 2 set
Optical jig boring machine
Optical jig boring machine



Quality control

With our rigorous quality control we respond to your confidence and your serious quality requirements.

Inspection devices

Three-dimensional measurement device 2 sets
Shape measurement device 1 sets
Surface roughness measurement device 1 sets
Three-dimensional measurement devices
measurement devices

Delivery system (Automatic warehouse)

We always listen to your voice and find out "when you need, what you need, and how much you need". We purchase necessary amount of material, produce and deliver the products in a strictly timely manner.

Delivery system (Automatic warehouse)